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The Amazon, a vast region covered by dense rainforest, is crossed by the world's largest river, the Amazon. If you are travelling to Brazil, visit the city of Manaus. You can discover its port, its fish market and its theater. This city in the middle of the rainforest will allow you to step into Brazilian history and discover natural areas of unspoiled beauty. Take advantage of spending a few days in the jungle, where you can observe magnificent flora and fauna. You can choose to stay in a lodge or on a cruise. Visiting the Amazon can also be an opportunity to meet indigenous communities. In Ecuador, the Kichwas open their villages to tourists, to share their traditions with them. They explain to travelers how they prepare certain culinary specialities and show them their handicrafts.

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Choose the season that suits you best according to your wishes. In the Amazon there are two seasons. The rainy season and the drier season. The rainy season runs from November to April. Even in the rainy season, there are long stretches of sunny days. However, the landscape can be very different depending on the water level. In October, the Amazon River is very low, which makes it easier to enjoy the beaches and to see dolphins and caimans. In April, it is at its highest. This has the advantage of being able to navigate through the flooded forest and see the monkeys up close. Each season has its own charm. But perhaps the rain gives the forest an even more mystical and mysterious side.

The Amazon is a very fertile region, full of plants with multiple properties and fruits of all colours with incomparable flavours. The Amazon River is rich in fish, which has given rise to many fish recipes. In the Amazon, the staple foods are tucuma, tapioca, cassava, salgados, meat and grilled fish. While in the Amazon, be sure to try the guayusa. This drink made from guayusa leaves is drunk in the Kichwa communities of the Amazon. The natives drink it first thing in the morning, to fill up on energy. It is an excellent substitute for coffee, as it is anti-oxidant. The Kichwas drink it in groups at dawn, as a way of bringing the community together.

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  • Garden of Medicinal Plants in Amupakin

    This tour through the medicinal plants garden in Amupakin explains the use of about 20 plants that the midwives of Amupakin mainly use for birth preparation, during birth and after birth in different preparation forms. All plants occur naturally in the Amazon region, but were planted here by the midwives in order to always have them at hand, here in their health centre. Some plants are prepared individually or mixed with other plants as tea, some are used directly as leaves, others have to be crushed to unfold their effect. Immerse yourself and let yourself be surprised by the diversity of medicinal plants and the knowledge of your guides!

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